about us

Linebacker Sports has decided to take their plays public after years of being only available to private clients. Customers can find all our releases in MLB, Pro and College Football, and Pro and College Basketball right here. Linebacker Sports offers you over 25 years of professional sports gambling experience. We use the perfect blend of emotional, statistical, technical, and match up analysis to make every play we release to our investors. Our investors will always get experience, professionalism, and effort. We believe in a long term approach to sports gambling. Sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. There are no get-rich-quick schemes. Any game can and will lose in the most unimaginable ways. No matter how great a handicapper is, there will be losing days. If you believe in "Fixed Games", "Inside Information", or 80% to 90% winners for a season, you need to put a sports schedule under your pillow and let the Tooth Fairy fill in your winners because you already live in "LA LA LAND". You have to maintain self-discipline, meaning you have to stick to your plan. We know that by sticking to tried and true handicapping techniques we will be well ahead by the end of each season. My plays are rated from 2* to my much sought after 10* Diamond Play. My 10* Diamond Play is without question the strongest release you will ever be able to purchase. This is one of the most sought after plays in sports wagering! If you are looking for long-term winning results from a Real Professional Sports Gambler - You just found one. We live in Las Vegas and sports wagering is all we do every day.